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If you are looking at this page then you are probably a petrol head craving vast amounts of power! You will probably also know that with great power comes a great deal of headache and a lot of calls from the bank manager. Although we are also true petrol heads and can double your engine output upon request we have come up with a great off the shelf solution that will give you great power gains with all important reliability and low cost.

We teamed up with one of the largest performance ECU mapping companies in Europe to provide customers here in Dubai with a one stop service where we can increase your car power by up to 100BHP. This does not include any mechanical work, it?s simply an engine ECU remap where our technical team tweak your ECU to give you a noticeable and reliable power upgrade.

So what is ECU Remapping?

The ECU (or engine control unit) controls the operation of engine variables and parameters such as air/fuel ratio. All of this information has been set globally by the manufacturer to take into account variations in fuel quality, temperature and usage in different parts of the world. This means that no ECU is set to at full efficiency and power and by a simple ECU remap, we can unlock your car to its full potential.

Will it invalidate my warranty?

Not necessarily. This has been a long standing debate and misconception for years. Manufactures do have the right to investigate and will void a claim if it is directly related to the remap however all our maps are insured so there is a life time warranty on the remap. We can say this because of the rigorous testing that goes into our maps. We can also put the standard manufacturers map back on at the customer's request.

So are the power increases that good?

All cars will have a noticeable difference of torque and responsiveness but the real gains are to be had with cars that already have a supercharger or a turbo charger. The difference will be amazing and there are some cars that can have an increase of 100+bhp!

In fact we are so confident that if you are not satisfied with the map then we will happily remove it and give you your money back*

Will it damage my engine?

Not at all. Some tuners really take things too far by over stressing the engine which reduces its life and reliability. All our maps go through rigorous testing and are ISO approved to ensure all our maps are to the highest standard.

Can I have a custom remap?

Yes. We understand that not all customers want to map their cars for the same reason so weather it is purely for more power or better fuel economy we can provide your car with the right map. In fact we can even take it a step further and modify your map according to other performance modifications you may have such as air filters, downpipes, and exhaust.

What Else can I map?

We can map a wide range of motorcycles and boats, please contact us for further information.

Any how much does all this cost?

We have come up with a very competitive pricing structure which we are sure you will be happy with. A fully insured ECU remap starts from just**

AED 1,999/- for 4 cylinder cars
AED 2,499/- for 6 cylinder cars
AED 2,999/- for 8 cylinder cars
AED 3,499/- for 10 / 12 cylinder cars and super cars such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati.

OK what power gains will I get from my specific car?

Please use the drop down boxes to obtain power gains for your specific car and call us today for your booking!


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